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Famous Sagittarian personalities include Winston Churchill, who wrote, "It is better to be making the news than taking it; to be an actor rather than a critic." This seems to sum up at least one important aspect of the Sagittarian character, which is the desire to be constantly active and involved in life.

People born under this sign often like to travel, to change jobs fairly often, or to take up different interests at different times and then drop them in favour of something else. This should not be seen as frivolity or inconsistency, but rather as a sign of tremendous vitality and a mind which has the ability to encompass many concerns. When a Sagittarian discovers a matter of significance, he or she is quite willing and able to pour all the necessary attention and energy into it.

Sagittarians are known for vivacity, a zestful spirit, and a seemingly tireless energy which enables them to accomplish many great things.


Sagittarian Flowers & Plants include: Eremurus (foxtail lily), eustoma (lisianthus), Liatris (blazing star), carnation, crocus, muscari, berried plants, allium.


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