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The typical Pisces personality is often less interested in practical, everyday matters, than with the emotional or spiritual side of life. This can work to your advantage even when you must focus on business or financial subjects, because your insight into people makes it possible to approach these matters in ways that make others feel comfortable with you.


Many people born under this sign have artistic and creative talents. If your career is not directly related to the arts, you can achieve much fulfilment if your work allows some room for creative expression. Even without such opportunities on the job, your inventiveness will be expressed in your daily life and reveal itself in the way you dress or decorate your home and the kinds of leisure activities you enjoy.


Most Pisceans have a natural talent for understanding the emotional makeup of other human beings. To others, your gift of insight into their motivations may seem like magic, but it is simply the product of your own sensitivity and intuition.


Flowers & Plants for the Pisces include: madonna lily (Lilium candidum), Euphorbia marginata, Cyperus (papyrus), stephanotis, jasmine, lilac, narcissus, gypsophila.


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