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Leo is characterized by the lion, a symbol of pride, dignity, and nobility. Perhaps more than some other personality types, Leos can be deeply wounded by an insult or personal slight, yet their generosity and good nature can make them very forgiving.

Traditionally, the Leo personality is famous for its magnificent charm. Most Leos have a persuasive smile that can get them just about anything they want. They like to take good care of their physical appearance, and usually have an animal magnetism that gets attention wherever they go. But Leo doesn't rely on charisma alone. There is a lot of creativity and strength in this sign. Natural leaders, Leos are sometimes accused of being arrogant or stubborn, but in fact it is their confidence and persistence that produce success. Even when things don't go as planned, Leo's inborn grace may save the situation.

Appealing in social situations, as a friend, Leo can be counted on to brighten anyone's day.

Leo's Flowers & Plants are: safflower (Carthamus), croton, Joseph's coat (Codiaeum), marigold, gerbera, crocosmia, dahlia, clivia, sunflower.

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