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Being right at the beginning of the Zodiacs, an Aries represents beginnings of all kinds. Aries people like to be first and are generally found running along at high speed. They generally have a natural tendency to be quite assertive and rather single-minded in many ways. In found to be a negative situation, this can often lead to a somewhat stubborn aggression but when channelled positively the personality of an Aries person exhibits good leadership together with creative accomplishments. Endurance and confidence also make it possible for an Aries person to achieve things that might seem impossible to other people. Aries people also usually know what they want and tey are rarely shy about making their needs known to anyone that is or is not listening. They do not like to lose an argument and may even have to practice very hard to learn how to compromise. Usually fair in their opinions, they make good friends because of their honesty and reliability. An Aries person will never desert a friend in times of need. Pioneer is a key word often used for Aries. This inventive soul has the courage to try new things, and the optimism to believe in ultimate success.

Flowers & Plants for an Aries: Opuntia cactus (prickly pear), celosia (cockscomb), thorn-bearing shrubs, red roses, tulips, red peppers, amaryllis.

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