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Aries Horoscope. Go after whatever it is you want or need now. It is a time to fall in love, make new friends or even to gain money. However, It is you who must be the one to make the initial move where love is concerned. Save all your receipts this week as you may need them later. A check book error is very easy to make all this week. Those lousy mechanical or electrical failures could pester you over the coming weekend. Auto and home.

Taurus Horoscope. You will find people will be changing their minds and their plans during this week, including yourself. If you plan a trip be sure to recheck your reservations. Keep all receipts as errors are easily made now and papers are lost or misfiled. This is not a very good time for you to move since you still will not be satisfied. You may probably want to move again when you can afford it. Mechanical and electrical problems arise.

Gemini Horoscope. You have only about six more weeks until things settle down in your sign. At that time your spirit will feel very much lighter. Any heavy responsibilities you have will come to a halt. This is the correct time to look for new friends. It is also the right time for you to earn some more money. Whatever money you get now will depend on just how much time you are willing to put into a project. No problem as you are powering on.

Cancer Horoscope. Keep all your receipts this week as it is easy for anybody to make errors. You make more than your share. Something you do this week will have to be redone at a later date so be careful. People are changing their minds and or plans and paperwork is easily lost or misfiled. A good chunk of money should be coming to you this week because of the work load. Save some because you desire a new home or business next year.

Leo Horoscopes. It shows that your income will take a nice swing upward this week as new opportunities are presented to you. Some mechanical and electrical breakdown can be expected over this next weekend so keep your cell telephone close by your side. Be careful that you do not act rashly this month or to allow your temper free reign. Learn to cool that temper of yours. Expect opposition so you can better handle it with a level head.

Virgo Horoscope. Even though this is not news to you, you have been working very hard the past couple of years in order to attain a dream goal. Starting in June that goal will be so much easier to reach and you will not need to work so diligently for it. Any road blocks that have been put in your path will slowly disintegrate as time progresses. Fair warning to back up computer work you have done or next week it could be lost.

Libra Horoscopes. In about the next seven weeks will be the time for you to initiate any actions you need to take. I see there is a very good chance for success in whatever you may wish to do. Some extra money will be coming your way this week or next. Electrical and mechanical problems toward the end of this week will be harassing everyone around you. Any goal you have not yet reached must be completed by this June to be successful.

Scorpio Horoscope. All the paperwork that has been so bothersome will need to be redone shortly. Keep all your receipts this week because your payments might be lost and misplaced. People are prone to argue with you now so it is important to have all your facts straight. Mechanical and electrical failure over the weekend may trouble you. This may be in your transportation or your home so have your cell phone at hand when on the road.

Sagittarius Horoscopes. You stand a good chance for extra money toward the weekend so stay alert for it. Love, engagements and marriage are very likely now. If you are not dating this is the time for you to meet the right one so be sure you are out and about this week looking ready and available. This might be toward the end of this week. Look for a Leo or Aries as they fit the bill. Anything you accomplish in the next seven weeks is successful.

Capricorn Horoscope. Several people are changing their minds, plans and their thoughts this week. It’s a benefit you either way. Papers must need rewriting or resigning within the next two weeks and it all turns out well. Mechanical or electrical failures this week turn into a warning rather than a disaster. Once fixed, disaster is averted. That warning about both mechanical and electrical set your mind thinking. To be safe, you check all of it.

Aquarius Horoscope. You have an extremely busy month ahead of you. If it has not yet started be sure to clear those decks and be ready. You will be running a pile of extra errands plus working extra hours for a few weeks. Of course this should logically bring in extra money. Be careful not to overdo. Love, engagement and marriage are the by words this week. This may apply to some of you so eyes and ears open for that very special date.

Pisces Horoscope. Keep a cell phone handy because this week brings mechanical or electrical failures and you do not want to be caught unprepared. Many of the people will be changing their minds and plans and this should in some way benefit you. A pile of extra money should be jingling in your pocket or purse this week. Errors are easy to make, so keep all your receipts handy and read all of your contracts closely to the last word.

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